If you are worried about the current price of energy, food and housing costs then you are not alone.  The cost-of-living crisis is badly hitting people in Chester.  

I made a pledge to stand up for Chester residents through the cost-of-living crisis and offer support where it is needed.   

This page sets out ways you can get advice and support to help with the cost-of-living crisis.   

There are fantastic local and national organisations that offer free and confidential advice that I have listed below.  

Please share this information with any friends of family members who do not have access to the internet.  

As your representative, I am always here for you and will continue to stand up for Chester residents through the cost-of-living crisis. If you would like to contact me directly about cost-of-living support, or any other matter you may be struggling with, you can use my online form to raise an issue. If you would prefer to request a meeting with me then you can do so by submitting my online appointment form.  

Alternatively, you can email me at samantha.dixon.mp@parliament.uk or you can call my office on 01244 343 229 


Living Costs  

Cheshire West and Chester Council Benefits Advice 

You can apply for a range of welfare benefits if you’re on a low income, struggling to pay your bills or having other financial difficulties: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/housing-benefit-council-tax/benefit-advice 

Citizens Advice Cheshire West

Offer confidential and independent advice for free: https://www.citizensadvicecw.org.uk/  

Pennysmart CIC 

Budgeting, benefits and regulated debt advice: http://www.pennysmart.org.uk/  

St. Mark’s Debt Advice 

Debt management and budgeting advice: http://www.stmarkssaltney.org.uk/  

Dial West Cheshire 

Advice and support on benefits for disabled people: http://www.dialwestcheshire.org.uk/  

Help in Emergencies for Local People (HELP) 

A discretionary scheme offering welfare assistance for exceptional needs: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/housing-benefit-council-tax/help  

Chester Work Zone 

Community learning courses covering money management, cooking five meals for £5, and health and wellbeing courses. You can call the Work Zone on 07775 717122  

Involve Northwest 

A dedicated team of advisors who can offer support with issues such as benefits, debt and money management: https://involvenorthwest.org.uk/  

Money Helper 

Offer guidance and support on everyday money matters and worries: https://www.moneyhelper.org.uk/en  

National Debtline  

Offer free and independent debt advice over the phone and online: https://www.nationaldebtline.org/  

NHS Exemption Certificate 

Check if you have an exemption from paying NHS costs: https://services.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/check-my-nhs-exemption/start  

Benefits and Financial Support 

Check if you are eligible for any benefits or financial support: https://www.gov.uk/check-benefits-financial-support  


Help people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help: https://www.turn2us.org.uk/  

Age UK Winter Support

The Age UK website provides lots of information for older people on ways to keep well over winter: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/health-wellbeing/keep-well-this-winter/?utm_source=guide-factsheet&utm_medium=offline&utm_campaign=ia-money  

 Tomorrow’s Women

An organisation supporting women with budgeting, money management and cooking on a budget.


Housing Costs  

Cheshire West and Chester Council Household Support Fund 

Help with the cost of food, energy and water bills: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/education-and-learning/household-support-fund 

Council Tax Support 

Aimed at helping people who are on low incomes by covering part of all of the council tax bill: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/housing-benefit-council-tax 

Mortgage Payment Advice 

Tailored advice for those who may have problems with mortgage payments: www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/mortgage-problems-debt-and-money 



Energy and Utilities 

Energy Bill Support Scheme Alternative Funding 

Scheme to provide £400 of support for households that do not have a domestic electricity contract. You can apply for the scheme on the Government website: https://www.gov.uk/apply-energy-bill-support-if-not-automatic

Alternative Fuel Payment Scheme

Scheme to provide £200 of support for households that use alternative fuels for heating. You can apply for the scheme on the Government website: https://www.gov.uk/apply-alternative-fuel-bill-support-if-not-automatic

Citizens Advice Cheshire West 

Offer tailored advice for how to bring down your energy bills: https://www.citizensadvicecw.org.uk/how-to-bring-down-your-energy-bills/ 

Heating Bank 

Apply for support towards household support through the Household Support Fund on the Citizens Advice website: https://www.citizensadvicecw.org.uk/heatingbank/ 

National Energy Action

Offer practical advice for how to keep your home warm during the cost-of-living crisis: https://www.nea.org.uk/

Accessible In-Home Displays

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have helped develop an accessible smart meter. Smart meters can allow you to keep track of your energy usage. To find out more information, contact the RNIB helpline on 0303 123 9999

Carers Support

Guidance on managing rising fuel bills for carers: https://www.carersuk.org/

Boiler Challenge

Step-by-step guide to turning down the flow temperature on your boiler to reduce your energy bills: https://moneysavingboilerchallenge.com/

Green Doctor 

Helps households across Cheshire West to stay warm, stay well, save money on their utility bills and reduce carbon emissions, including support to apply for the Warm Home Discount: http://www.groundwork.org.uk/greendoctor 

Local Energy Advice Program (LEAP) 

Offer free Home Energy Visits or in-depth advice calls to people across Cheshire West who are vulnerable to living in a cold home: https://applyforleap.org.uk/ 

ECHO Scheme 

Fully funded boilers are available to eligible homeowners with a broken gas boiler: https://www.epplus.org.uk/projects/echo-the-boiler-replacement-scheme/ 

HEART Scheme 

Check if you are eligible for fully funded white goods: https://www.epplus.org.uk/projects/heart/ 

Cheshire West and Chester Council Home Energy Schemes 

Council schemes for home upgrade grants and solar panel funding: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/energy/home-energy/council-schemes 

Consumer Council for Water 

Offer tips and advice to reduce your water bill: https://www.ccwater.org.uk/households/help-with-my-bills/ 

Water Bill Support 

You can contact your water company to discuss any worries you may have paying your water bill. You can also visit the following website for advice: http://www.supportontap.org

WaterSure Scheme 

Targeted support is available for low-income customers who use a lot of water for essential family or health reasons through the WaterSure scheme: https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/water/water-supply/problems-with-paying-your-water-bill/watersure-scheme-help-with-paying-water-bills/ 

Pre-payment meter fuel vouchers 

People with pre-payment meters can request a fuel voucher (gas and/or electric) from Citizens Advice Cheshire West, Involve Northwest and Energy Projects Plus. These vouchers are provided by national charity Fuelbank Foundation. You can find out how to contact them at the following links:  

Heating repairs 

People in crisis situations who are unable to repair or replace broken or obsolete heating and do not qualify for help under other programmes can apply to Energy Projects Plus for help under the crisis support with heating scheme. For information call 0151 637 3670

Social Tariffs 

Cheaper broadband and phone packages are available for people on Universal Credit, Pension Credit and some other benefits. You can check if you are eligible for a social tariff package on the Ofcom website: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/phones-telecoms-and-internet/advice-for-consumers/costs-and-billing/social-tariffs 



Warm Hubs 

I have listed all of the registered Warm Hubs in the City of Chester below. For more information, please visit the council’s website: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/housing-benefit-council-tax/cost-of-living-support/warm-welcoming-spaces 

Upton Baptist Church 

Flag Lane South, CH2 1LB 

Open Thursday 10am – 1pm 

T: 01244 377142 

Upton Library 

Wealstone Lane, CH2 1HB 

Open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm. Open until 7pm on Tuesday and Friday. Open Saturday 9:30am – 1pm 

T: 01244 973700 

Crossroads Community Hub 

Dicksons Drive, CH2 2BH 

Open Thursday 1pm-3pm and Friday 10am – 12pm 

T: 07598 536904 

Christ Church Chester 

Church Street, CH1 3JD 

Open Monday 10am – 2pm 

T: 07443 584528 

Hoole Methodist Church 

Hamilton Street, CH2 3JG 

Open Wednesday 2pm – 4pm 

T: 01244 313826 

Hoole Baptist Church 

Westminster Road, CH2 3AU 

Open Monday 10:30am – 12:30pm 

T: 01244 312037 

Hoole Community Centre 

Westminster Road, CH2 3AP 

Open 2pm – 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Open 1:30pm – 3:30pm Friday. 

T: 01244 342741 

Great Boughton Library 

Green Lane, CH3 5LB 

Open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm. Open until 7pm on Tuesday and Friday. Open Saturday 9:30am – 1pm 

T: 01244 973913 

St. Luke’s Church 

Chester Road, CH3 6BT 

Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am – 12pm. Thursday to Friday open until 2pm. Saturday open until 1pm 

T: 01244 315957 

St. Mary’s Handbridge Centre 

Overleigh Road, CH4 7HL 

Open Monday 1pm – 4pm 

T: 01244 671202 

Wesley Church Centre 

St John Street, CH1 1DA 

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 2pm. Sunday open 10:30am – 12pm 

T: 01244 323037 

St. Peter’s Church 

Watergate Street, CH1 2LA 

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 4pm. Sunday open 9:15am – 11:30am 

T: 01244 403634 

Dial West Cheshire 

Hamilton Place, CH1 2BH 

Open Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday 10am – 2:30pm 

T: 01244 345655 

Freedom Church Chester 

Hunters Street, CH1 2AR 

Open Wednesday 9:30am – 2pm 

T: 01244 329296 

Lache Library 

Lache Park Avenue, CH4 8HR 

Open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm. Open until 7pm on Tuesday and Friday. Open Saturday 9:30am – 1pm 

T: 01244 973974 

St. Mark’s Church 

St Marks Road, CH4 8DE 

Open Wednesday 9am – 12:30pm 

T: 01244 675372 

Matthew Henry Evangelical Church 

Nevin Road, CH1 5RS 

Open Tuesday 1:30pm – 3:30pm and Friday 10am – 12pm 

T: 01244 370144 

Blacon Library 

The Parade, CH1 5HN 

Open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Open until 6pm Thursday. Open Saturday 9:30am – 1pm 

T: 01244 976030 

Holy Trinity Church 

Norris Road, CH1 5DZ 

Open Tuesday 10am – 4pm, Wednesday 10am – 12pm, Thursday 11:45am – 5pm, Sunday 1pm – 6pm 

T: 01244 376085   

Chester FC Community Trust 

King George V Sports Hub, CH1 5BD 

Open Wednesday 12:30pm – 2:30pm 

T: 01244 371376 

Winter Warmers 

Asda provides over 60’s with soup, a roll and unlimited tea or coffee in any of our cafés for £1. You can claim this offer at the Asda store on Greyhound Retal Park: Asda Chester, Greyhound Retail Park, Sealand Rd, Chester CH1 4QG 




Healthy Start Vouchers 

If you are on Universal Credit or Child Tax Credits, you may be eligible for further support buying food and milk: www.healthystart.nhs.uk 

Free School Meals 

If you receive other benefits, you may be eligible to apply for Free School Meals for your children. To check, visit: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/education-and-learning/free-school-meals 

Kids eat for £1 

Asda cafes are running a scheme that offers £1 hot meals for kids under 16 with no minimum adult spend required. The offer is running until the end of March 2023. You can claim this offer at the Asda store on Greyhound Retal Park: Asda Chester, Greyhound Retail Park, Sealand Rd, Chester CH1 4QG 



Food Banks  

Welcome Network 

View a map of local community groups providing food and support: http://www.welcomenet.co.uk/get-support.html 

West Cheshire Foodbank 

Provide emergency food for local people. You can telephone them on 0808 208 2138 

Chester Work Zone 

Offer food voucher referrals and work with local foodbanks. You can telephone them on 07775 717122 

I have listed all the registered Food Banks in the City of Chester below. For more information, please visit the West Cheshire Foodbank website: https://westcheshire.foodbank.org.uk/locations/ 

Freedom Church Hub 

Hunter Street, CH1 2AR 

Open Wednesday 12pm – 2pm 

T: 01244 329296 

Crossroads Community Hub 

Dicksons Drive, CH2 2BN 

Open Monday and Thursday 12pm – 2pm 

T: 07598 536904 

Holy Trinity Church 

Norris Road, CH1 5DZ 

Open Tuesday and Wednesday 10am-12pm. Open Thursday 1pm – 3pm 

T: 01244 376085   

Lache Community Centre 

Hawthorn Road, CH4 8HX 

Open Friday 12pm-2pm 

T: 01244 972546 

Matthew Henry Church 

Nevin Road, CH1 5RS 

Open 10am – 12pm 

T: 01244 370144 



Mental Health Services  

NHS Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Foundation Trust 

A local mental health crisis line available 24/7 on 0800 145 6485 or you can visit https://www.cwp.nhs.uk/getting-help/need-urgent-help 

The Samaritans 

Available 24/7 over the phone on 116 123 or via email at jo@samaritans.org  


A crisis text messaging service. You can send a text message anytime of the day and you will have a conversation with a real person. Text SHOUT to 85258  


Helping children and young people aged 11 to 18 years old with their mental health. You can chat to their counsellors or read articles that are written by other young people. For more information, visit their website: https://www.kooth.com/ 


Practical and wellbeing support for families: www.koalanw.co.uk 

Chapter Mental Health 

Local mental health support in Cheshire West: https://chaptermentalhealth.org/ 


Library of practical wellbeing support for people of all ages: https://www.mind.org.uk/

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